Cognitive Cities Will Power Human Interaction – Fast Company Middle East Interview

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Fast Company Middle East to talk about how TONOMUS is building a dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem to power our cognitive city and...

Are Humans Crucial to the Future of Tech?

No matter how advanced technology becomes, it will never replace humans. Humans will always be key to steering our future-forward societies. I sat down to talk to Fast...

NEOM – World’s first cognitive region | Deloitte Fast 50 Spotlight 

The world’s first cognitive region. An accelerator of human progress. A new vision of what the future could be. All of these embody the spirit of NEOM where transformation is driven by world-class, applied technology and data-derived insights, in harmony with the environment and the needs of its population.

Technology and Sustainability (Earth Day Video)

Technology plays a key role in sustainability and involves all points in the value chain from infrastructure to partners to employees. Sustainability is a differentiator to customers and shareholders and creates new business models and opportunities.

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