Powering the World’s First Cognitive Region

by | Nov 13, 2021

I believe the purpose of technology is to unlock the hidden potential of the human spirit. This is why I define myself as a Digital Humanist, and why I am so excited to share my vision for @NEOM.

At NEOM Tech & Digital, we are accelerating the next quantum leap in tech evolution and co-inventing the future of living. By transcending smart cities, we will build the world’s first cognitive region across an area larger than 15 European countries. Unlike existing smart cities that are limited to point solutions and hampered by legacy infrastructure, this unique greenfield opportunity lets us reimagine all aspects of @NEOM communities. Instead of using 1% of available data, our cognitive region will use 90% of consented data to enhance the personal and professional lives of citizens and visitors of the region.


The hyper-connected NEOM communities are located at the nexus of terrestrial and subsea cables. Augmented by a combination of fiber, 5G, and low earth orbit satellite communications, NEOM makes connectivity as readily available and ubiquitous as oxygen. Rich connectivity allows us to provide the Middle East and North Africa’s first cloud-native, open-access, and carrier-neutral network, offering both wholesale connect and cloud options.

Cognitive Technology

We want NEOM Tech & Digital to be the world’s leading cognitive technology company. We’re realizing our vision by combining unrivalled connectivity with next generation, innovation-powering technology. In this new frontier, 80% or more of solutions will leverage AI, robotics, and human-machine interfaces. At the forefront of this is our virtual reality tool that combines physical sensations and the real world to create immersive experiences that push the boundaries of today’s smart cities to something entirely new. We like to say that we are virtualizing the real and realizing the virtual.


Cognitive communities will use data that is accurate, consented, and protected to interact with its population and enhance their lives. NEOM Tech & Digital will create exceptional living for NEOM residents by deploying technologies that optimize services and save time on a range of day-to-day activities in their personal and professional lives. Choices will span industries from water to energy, food to manufacturing, entertainment to commerce, and more. NEOM Tech & Digital will create value and efficiencies with unlimited potential to bring transformative benefits.

Co – Create

In addition to the connectivity, cognitive technology, and choice that NEOM will enable, I am very excited for the surge of talent that will be attracted to the promise and opportunity of this one-of-a-kind community. Together with partners, we will co-create a tech-enabled future built on personal consent and trust. Building a cognitive, human-centric world that enhances people’s lives, especially young people’s lives, will transcend the realities of today’s smart cities.  

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Joseph Bradley

Chief Executive Officer of NEOM Tech & Digital.
Humanist. Visionary. Galvanizer.

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