Joseph is a human-centric leader who believes technologically advanced solution development must have the human perspective at its core. Joseph’s ability to galvanize this approach across employees, customers, and shareholders is a cornerstone of his success.


Creates a culture that sees the individual, hears their voice, respects their values and knowledge, and puts human interest and welfare at the heart of everything. Uses digital technology to unlock the hidden potential of the human spirit, not replace it.


Sees how the next generation of technology and innovation will positively impact the lives of people and then gives that vision a voice and makes it believable.


Builds an inclusive and aligned ecosystem across employees, customers, and shareholders that shifts our mindset from vision and ideas to reality and action plans; from rethinking to creating and executing the art of the possible.

 Joseph Bradley is Chief Executive Officer of TONOMUS, where he is responsible for formulating the vision and delivery of the technology and digital ecosystem for NEOM, and building the foundation to bring cognitive cities to life.