Technology and Sustainability (Earth Day Video)

by | Apr 15, 2022

For shareholders, customers, and employees, sustainability sets companies apart, creating avenues for new business models and opportunities. Cognitive technologies, artificial intelligence, human interface technology, and robotics all have a role in defining the sustainability of today and the future.

How can companies use these technologies to meet sustainability goals? How can you empower your employees to get excited about and be engaged in sustainability? Joseph answers these questions, offering inspiration for how to use technology for sustainability in all points of your value chain.



Which technologies do you see playing a part in addressing the world’s sustainability needs?


Cognitive technologies. Artificial Intelligence. Human-machine interface technologies. Robotics. All of these technologies fundamentally come together to define what it means to be sustainable and the role technology plays.


The growing use of technology often leads to greater emissions from data processing. How are you ensuring your data center is green?


When we think about our AI computing platform, we have the highest density per watt of any AI platform in the industry. When we think about what we’re deploying in terms of our partners and our Cloud Park, we’re really focusing on 100% renewable energy. The first data center that’s 100% powered by renewable energy. All of our partners are committed to this vision that says, “you do not have to sacrifice the environment”. You can actually enhance the environment while providing unique technologies and fundamentally reshape the experience for your customers.

QUESTION #3: Sustainability opens new market opportunities for organizations, new business models, and market disruption. What is the role of digitization in that?


When the two worlds of physical and virtual combine, that obviously creates new opportunities. Sustainability is so important.

Why is it important? It’s because it’s becoming a differentiator in the eyes of our customers and in the eyes of our shareholders. When you think about new business models, think about THE LINE as an example. It is infused with technology. But sustainable technology is not necessarily you purchasing a home on THE LINE, but you will subscribe to a home on THE LINE. Those types of new models are all possible because of the convergence of digitization and sustainability.

QUESTION #4: How can we best empower employees in all roles to make good decisions that can support sustainability outcomes?


When you think about sustainability, how do you empower employees? It fundamentally starts with understanding what all of our senses of power are. As an employee, you have three sources.

You can either put money in it, you can put your time into it, or you can build momentum.

Momentum is the key. In other words, how do you get employees engaged around sustainability? They have to be able to believe it. If they believe it, they can then feel it. If they feel it, they will then love it.

You have to put in technology and things that allow employees to see it, to visualize what’s happening in it and to overcome human factors. Our innate ability to look at things in a different environment requires us to change the way in which we want to interact with it. In other words, go back to basics, talk with your employees, empower them and truly drive an inclusive environment. And that will help you get to the next step and really drive sustainability in your organization.

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