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by | May 3, 2018

In a digital world constantly throwing information at us, we are in such a hurry to find the answers that we don’t ask the right questions. This leaves us aiming at the wrong target, never able to hit the right one.

How do we get to the breakthrough levels of performance we want for ourselves and our businesses? How do we achieve things we never thought possible? Joseph’s book “Questioneering” addresses these issues. In it, he teaches business leaders and entrepreneurs to:

  • Identify their blind spots.
  • Use the ASK method – aim, surprise, and kindle.
  • Improve their ability to learn by using a framework for better listening.
  • Accelerate their capacity to execute.

“Questioneering” is a leadership model for the digital age, a practical guide for transforming your skills to ask high-value questions that lead to high-value answers.


Hi, I am Joseph Bradley, IT executive and thought leader.

Whether you are a business leader like myself, an entrepreneur, or student, we’re always trying to figure out: how do we get to that breakthrough level of performance? How do we achieve things that we never thought were possible? But you know what I uncovered?

If by definition, if you’re aiming at the wrong target, you’ll never hit the right one. This is why I wrote Questioneering. The digital age that we are in today is throwing so much information at us. We shut our minds off to the art of the possible. We simply just get it done and want the answer. This is the biggest problem we face is having the right answer unfortunately to the wrong question.

Einstein said if he had only 60 seconds to save the world he would think about the problem for 50 seconds and act the last ten. Unfortunately, we do just the opposite. Questioneering is a leadership model for the digital age that allows you to ask high-value questions, which leads to higher value answers, which ultimately drives breakthrough innovation.

The book that I wrote is a practical guide to transforming your skill as a business leader, as an entrepreneur, as an individual, as a student, through four key steps.

First, we’re going to show you how to identify your blind spots. If you don’t know where your blind spots are, it’s really difficult to begin to ask higher-value questions.

Second, we’re going to introduce you to the “ASK” method – Aim, Surprise, and Kindle – in terms of how to uncover the power of high-value questions.

Next, we got to really focus on improving your rate of learning, which involves giving you a formalized listening infrastructure, showing you what you need to be listening to each and every day.

And finally, we got to help accelerate your ability to execute. I’m going to introduce you to the 1-2-3 model of execution.

Questioneering is a book that will ultimately help you drive and reach breakthrough levels of performance. In a world where all the answers are known value is in understanding what question to ask.

Join me and come along the Questioneering journey.

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Joseph Bradley

Chief Executive Officer of NEOM Tech & Digital.
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