Is Security Enough to Drive Trust?

by | Apr 9, 2018

The Internet of Things is nothing if it’s not also an internet of trust. The significance of data integrity, in addition to data security, is an important component of Joseph’s book “Questioneering.”

Is security enough to drive trust? The assumption is that if data is secure, it must be valuable. But that’s not true if the data isn’t correct. If people don’t trust analytics, they won’t adopt what they learn from them. “Questioneering” will help you ask high-value questions about your data to ensure trust and adoption.



Hi, I am Joseph Bradley, IOT business executive and thought leader. I want to talk to you about an important aspect in my new book, Questioneering. We explore some of those high value questions that you should be asking that ultimately will lead to higher-value answers and drive breakthrough innovation.

As you all know, when you think about digital, security is an important area. But is it the highest value question you should be asking? In other words, is security enough to drive trust? Interesting question.

Security. Is it enough for your data to be secure? Or do you need that data to be secure and also correct? This notion of the Internet of Trust is one that we explore in my new book, Questioneering.

It’s really, really important. If you think about autonomous vehicles and the notion of that vehicle and that information being secure is very important. But let me tell you, if that data is not correct, if you do not have data integrity, you have a much bigger problem.

The assumption is when data is secure, the assumption is that data is valuable. The assumption is data is correct. But that is not an assumption you can afford to make. When you think about the Internet of Trust and when you think about digital technology, you think about the Internet of Things.

It is critically important for you to explore how you ensure that you have strong and high data integrity.

One of the key drivers of value when you consider any opportunity or any engagement with IOT is adoption. If people don’t trust information, they don’t trust the analytics, they won’t adopt it.

This is just one concept that we go into deeper in Questioneering. I hope you enjoy the book. Look forward to your feedback. Thank you very much for your time, and good luck in experiencing the journey of Questioneering.

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